The Poetry Post Page

Below is a collection of poems sent in by friends or passersby on the internet superhighway. I neither post everything I get, nor love everything I post, but I do believe that each poem below has some merit. There are a number of poems that I disagree with, but since I am only one beholder, I leave them to you the reader to explore, love, hate or learn by them.

Added 15 July 1998
New poems added 26 January 2017

If you would like me to consider your poetry for placement on this page, please send a number of poems to me for review. If I like them or think they are interesting, I'll post them. Please send more than one, so I can get an handle on your style, and so that I have some choice. If you wish, send a short bio along with your poetry and I will post that along with your poem(s).