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Poetry by Ray Dickinson

Added 15 April 2000, Revised 14 May 2005

This is a section where I post poems sent to me by people who have found my site and wish to display their own works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This poem is by Ray Dickinson



Quietly, silently, playing its role,
Branching throughout with alarming control,
There in the body, a cancer is free,
Seeking and killing what good cells there be.
Deadly, yet painless, its growth is unchecked,
Spreading all round 'till the body is wrecked.

The time is now to ask and see
What hope is left of life for me.
But this I ask, just hear my plea:
>From cancer's grip, I must be free.
But how and when can this be done,
That test results should find there none?

Oh, help, my Surgeon! Help me please!
Remove from me this vile disease.
It has me now, it had me then,
And now to You I come again.
I ask but this: that me You'd cleanse,
And search it out to all its ends.

Now I have seen my condition so plain,
Kindling desire for good health to regain.
Thank You, my God, for revealing to me
Sickness I've had, although thinking I'm free.
Power unseen is now active within,
Purging and cleansing my cancerous sin.

(c) Copyright 2000 by Ray Dickinson

BIO: Ray Dickinson is an alumnus of Pacific Union College (BS, Chemistry) and California State University, Fresno (MS, Chemistry) who is searching for the Truth. His interests encompass virtually all areas of Science and philosophy, especially the science of the mind and human relations. You may read some of his ruminations at his website.