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Poetry by *KimChEE*

Added 13 April 2001

This is a section where I post poems sent to me by people who have found my site and wish to display their own works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This poem is by *KimChEE*


I remember the first time we kissed,
it was late after a midnight swim,
under the moonlight with the stars,
the bright city lights glaring in the sky,
the touch of your hands on my body made my
spirit and soul want to fly high.
I remember the late night phone calls,
even after a long evening night out,
the fun I had just sitting there just watching
you speak your mind throughout.
The way that you laughed and strutted around the bush,
especially when you felt a flush of embarrassment,
it always made me smile and think about you for days and miles.
I remember when you told me that you and me had 'something special.'
That was always kept in my mind and I kept telling myself there's much potential,
for me and you to be together even though the age was thought a problem,
which shouldn't have mattered cuz I told myself it was just a number.
I remember all the movies we watched together, I close my lids
and visualize the night you wiped my tears from my eyes after the sorrowfilm.
In my heart I loved you so, and my heart was overwhelmed.
I remember the weeks before my birthday and you kept wishing me happiness
and of course you were the first to say it on the actual day..
I remember you told me you had something for me and wanted to do it in private.
I believe you told me it was priceless and yeah I couldn't believe it.
After our regular weekend routine we back to your place,
the night was young and our hormones raced.
We laid in your bed and did our own thing,
I remember you being nervous with your heart pumping.
It took a lil while till the words finally came out..
They asked if I was ready and the words just flew out.
I hesitated for a second but then realized
you're the one for me and I couldn't go on without.
We went to the store and bought the thing,
went back to your place and made love that evening.
I remember being scared but I trusted you so,
I felt more secure being round you after that special night
but it was still hard to talk about it though.
After a few times it became a regular thing,
I didn't mind cuz our bodies were just exercising.
I then became paranoid for the thing to rip..
I just remembered the day I almost lost it..
Coming home from the doctors telling me it might be a disease..
Oh god! Don't do this to me PLEASE..
I prayed that day and took a pill..
After a few weeks I was heeled and well,
the only disappointment out in this whole ordeal
was that you weren't much supportive..
Saying it wasn't your place to help
me cuz it wasn't your body that needed to be healed..
I was crushed and saddened..
and heart broken for a while..
I remember trying to avoid the painful feeling
but it just made me go in denial..
my friends tried to tell me over and over before..
he's not right for you girl, you'll just get hurt worse than before,
so just let him go and move on with life..
you'll find better trust me with this so stop the strife.
I remember crying myself to sleep every few nights,
I just couldn't stop the water coming out of my eyes.
All the memories..
I remembered so much..
what hurt the most..
when you didn't seem to care about me Anymore..
I remember the girl you went to homecoming with..
didn't bother to ask me if I had a date yet..
maybe they were right you aren't the one for me..
but how can youdo this to me?
After all those remembered and shared memories..