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Poetry by Laurel A. Olmsted

Added 13 July 2005

This is a section where I post poems sent to me by people who have found my site and wish to display their own works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This poem is by Laurel A. Olmsted

I know that you are a man
For all the world to see,
But when I look at you
You're still my little boy to me!
I remember how tight your grip
When you first learned to walk,
And I remember how sweet your voice
As you learned how to talk.
There's pictures frozen in time
That still dance inside my head.
A toothless grin, a first haircut,
And me tucking you in bed.
As the video fast forwards
I see you now in school.
Making friends and sleepovers
Become the things that's cool.
First it's sports and MTV
Then on to girls and cars!
All too soon you're old enough
To meet your friends in bars.
Somewhere along the way
You've learned some good things too.
Like loyalty, and kindness,
And strength to carry you through.
Then one day you made a choice
That took you far away.
You said America needed you
And that you'd be okay.
Putting on that uniform,
You stood so straight and tall.
I am so very proud though....
That man is not my son at all.
My son is still a little boy
Playing soldier in the yard.
Not the man who's gone to war
Or spends the night on guard.
He has freckles on his cheeks
And wears a towel to fly.
His jammies are covered with cowboys
And he always needs his momma
When nightmares make him cry.
So try to understand my heart
If tears should cloud my eyes.
For this handsome soldier...
Is my child in disguise.

Laurel A. Olmsted
For Dallas and Dean