The Beckoning Poetry Post Page

Poetry by Tiffany Sebring

Added 13 April 2001

This is a section where I post poems sent to me by people who have found my site and wish to display their own works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This poem is by Tiffany Sebring

Savor the Day

Sun Light Hits
The morning starts
The night is filled with broken hearts
Every star above which gleams
Mean so much more than what they seem

Glad its over
Glad its gone
The nighttime which
I cried upon

Now it's morning
The sun has shown
To dry my tears
From the darkness lone

I love you so much
I hate you so bad
Don't tell me you need me
It just makes me mad

So I'll pretend to be happy
Pretend not to care
All until night time
With its cool, lonely air

It hurts me to think
We've changed our forever
I always thought
We would spend it together

Yet somehow I know
It's all for the best
Maybe its God
Maybe a test

And If I have faith
It will be okay
I'll just have to learn
To savor the day.