The Beckoning Poetry Post Page

Poetry by Miranda Thompson

Added 13 December 2001

This is a section where I post poems sent to me by people who have found my site and wish to display their own works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This poem is by Miranda Thompson


She asked him,
Why do you do this to me?
He tried thinking, then laughed in her face,
No good reason it seems.

Behind her back he speaks to everyone,
abut how she thought she found the one
The only one who found this amusing,
was the one who began this abusing.

He tells people to crush her dreams,
but is he really as tough as he thinks?
She sits in her room and cries--,
cries and cries until it dies.

It being the sadness and raw emotion she felt before--
Now replaced with anger, her heart is sore.

She no longer feels pain or sadness,
she just sits here in this madness--
Not knowing what to do,
not knowing what to say,
just living her life day to day.

How in a time like this can she be so calm,
he might as well smacked her with his palm--
She will heal in time she knows,
but it will be awhile before this pain goes--

Because nothing is worse than the betrayal of a friend--
but that is what he did,
and that is what he said--
at least she thought he was a friend.

He was caught on his own selfish ways,
and now she pays.

She lost a dream,
a hope,
a possibility,
but she knew deep inside that it would never be a reality--

In her dreams,
the hope she once felt so strongly--
now dwindled away so solemnly