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Poetry by Pitiful Crow

Added 7 October 2006

This is a section where I post poems sent to me by people who have found my site and wish to display their own works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This poem is by Pitiful Crow

Dreams Inside

Dream inside
Tear that lied
When you died
Will you know you tried?
Or be left with your pride
Looking at the family you canít provide
And the love you were denied
With no where left to hide
Dead beside where you reside
Your emotions divide then collide
What was said was implied so now it will misguide
Your brains fried so no one replied
Whatís become?
Of world of scum
Who will succumb?
To them
Chanting their drum
Calling to some
Living with whatever may come
Am I insane?
Does madness run in this vein?
Do I love pain?
Take off this chain
So I can explain
My campaign of the slain
Here comes the rain
And I feel plain
Say Iím humane
With lines of cocaine
Happiness I cannot contain
Happiness I cannot obtain
My soul you cannot detain
My pain, does it entertain?
Throw my soul below
Much left to know
Nothing left to grow
More blood will flow
No where to go
Slow, down
Listen, to the clown
With the never-ending frown
Holding his shitless crown
Around his pathetic town
Hoping the sad will drown
I have found salvation
Within no communication
Whatís your foundation?
Your motivation
In this bias nation
Of bigotry relation
So whatís become?
Of this world of scum
And who will succumb
To them banging their drum
Crying to some
Surviving with whatever may come
My head will swell
Tears fell
Meaning well
Time will tell
2nd hand hell
Throwing away your deceitful hate
Into that which you humbly debate
Never learned to wait
Till it was your turn to emancipate
Leave behind your reckless childhood
And die quietly like you know you should
If I could have moment of your dear time
If you could listen to my pathetic rhyme
I will show you a land of remorse
Living in its own discourse
Of course no one will believe
Whatís right in front of them
A shit infested smoldering heap of detested filth
Every now and then
Over and over again
Father country
What is your degree?
Of living with me
Holding down
A world-renowned clown

Writen by, Pitiful Crow
copyright 2000