The Longbow

Added 8 May 1997
Revised 3 February 2008

I promised an overhaul of my crossbow, longbow and stonebow pages many moons ago. I've started pecking at the surface of it today (3 Feb. 2008). I've got a lot of stuff to try to integrate and add, so it may take a while, but I am hoping to stay on top of it this time.

The longbow is a weapon that revolutionized Medieval combat. In the hands of skilled archers, hundreds of thousands of arrows could rain down on an opposing force with severe consequences. In many battles, archer armies that were outnumbered by as much as 8 to 1 accomplished kill ratios of 1000's to 1. Yes, thousands of the enemy dead per one dead archer. Such was the case at the Battle of Crecy in 1346. The longbow helped bind England together throughout most of the Middle Ages. The history and stories of the longbow are rich and wonderful. So draw back your desk chair and loose yourself into the realm of the longbow. (Sorry about the pun. I just couldn't resist!)

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