Wolveswood Exchange

Uleric ap Brienus
(Brian Jones)

Poet - Armourer - Tanner - Tailor - Storyteller

Revised 2 November 1996

About Wolveswood Exchange

Wolveswood Exchange actually began through no will of my own. I started out making medieval clothes for myself to wear at "Renaissance Festivals". Soon after that I began working with leather, making pouches, belts, sheaths, and a couple of pairs of boots. All of this grew out of a profound interest in the middle ages. My friends liked what I made, so I started making things for them too.

While doing this I decided I wanted to learn how to make maile armour (often erroneously called chain maile). I had a difficult time getting started, but with the help of an unknown (but highly appreciated!) armourer at the Thistle Cot at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, I learned the proper technique.

I had barely started my own maile when I got my first job. A blacksmith saw the small swath of maile I had brought to the festival to show my mentor, and offered me a crossbow in trade for a maile vest. I was nervous about taking such a job seeing as how I was even less than a novice, but he was able to convince me to take him up on the offer. I hope to have a picture of the crossbow here soon.

I didn't begin working on my own maile again until after I had finished the blacksmith's armour. It wasn't long after I started working on my maile again that a friend of mine referred another friend to me to make a maile shirt. Thus, THE BIRTH OF A BUSINESS!

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