How to Make Maile Armour

Revised 3 February 2008

(NOTE: Maile armour is often called chainmail, which is not the best term for it. Chainmail is a name that was coined by Sir Walter Raleigh around the end of the 16 th. century. Chainmail is not an historically accurate term and despite the name of this document, it will not be used here.)

There are a number of great references on the internet about the construction of maile armour The best of these, in my opinion, is by Palmer, which is accessible through my links page. I don't use Palmer's method though. It requires a previously closed ring to be opened and closed again. This seems like a waste of time to me. On other things, I feel his information is exemplary. Because Palmer's information is so thorough, I won't go deeply into the wide variety of options available for the apprentice armourer.

  1. How to determine what materials/methods to use to make your own maile
  2. The easiest way to begin
  3. Tips on making maile armour - New tips added 27 December 1999
  4. A device for making rings - This device will make the ring making process much easier and faster! Revised 3 February 2008

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