Added 22 January 2006

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I'm as snug as a bug in a - kayak I found sleeping in my kayak to be quite nice. Brian D. got this nice shot of the sun starting to cut through the morning haze.The space was a little cramped side-to-side, but it worked out beautifully. I was comfortable and cozy all night long. Plus I got a front row seat to the stars at night and the rising of the sun in the morning.

Up before sunrise.Not long after we all got up this morning, a small pod of dolphins went cruising by, not more than 50 feet from shore. I didn't have all of my kayaking gear in order, but in retrospect, I wish I had rushed into the water with my yak to try to paddle with them.

Brian D. checking something out on shore. Once we did get into the water, we paddled south along the shoreline. Brian proved to be the strongest paddler, pulling out ahead. Not a lot of freeboard on Chuck's kayak.Chuck took some time to get used to his borrowed kayak, so he lagged behind, leaving us all paddling alone for the most part (with no complaints). After a while, Brian headed towards shore to check something out and I stopped to wait for Chuck. By the time Chuck reached me, Brian D. came back and we paddled on, sticking closer together.

We didn't see much in the way of sea life, but we did get close to a large flock of pelicans, which we enjoyed watching for a while. As we approached, we could see that most of them were sleeping. As we approached, they woke up. They let us get pretty close before they flew away though. After checking out the Pelicans, we paddled back out to sea a bit and eventually just stopped and drifted a long on the moderate current and complained about how horrible life was (hahaha!).


XXXXXXAt some point, we decided we should probably head back to camp and continue our journey south. We stuck closer to shore on the way back and searched the crystal clear waters for signs of life. We didn't see anything, but the search was enjoyable all the same.

By the time we got back to camp we had paddled a couple of miles, and though it was before noon, we decided to eat some lunch before heading south to Puertecitos and beyond to Gonzaga Bay.

XXX XXXDriving south out of Puertecitos, the road went south as well, figuratively speaking. That road may well be the origin of that expression. It was horrible. At one point Chuck hit a bump so hard that my head smashed into the roof of his truck. That same bump sent Cherokee flying around Brian's Jeep, and not long after that, his steering stabilizer broke.

We were all very happy to make roll into Gonzaga Bay, our final destination for the day. Tracks in the sand.After gassing up, we headed towards the beach then started driving south on the beach and kept going until we found a place that was suitably remote. Critter-made volcanoes. Again, we were the only people on the beach, but a few people did drive up and own the beach by us.

That evening I enjoyed poking around the beach. I saw many interesting small volcano-like mounds in the sand. Every now and again, when one would get inundated by a wave, I would see sand jetting out of one as whatever creature lived in it cleaned it's house out. The critter must glue the sand together in some way, because the mounds were surprisingly resistant to erosion. I saw some kind of segmented worm as well. I also simply enjoyed watching the hydraulics of water continuing to escape down the sandy beach from upper tidal zones into the retreating sea. That evening when I went lookiing for firewood, I also stumbled upon a well preserved dolphin skull, which ended up following us all over Baja and ended up being a willing model in many pictures taken by the three of us.

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