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If so, follow the instructions below. Due to the high volume of spam I get, I have taken direct representations of my e-mail address off my web site to try to reduce the amount of spam I recieve. There are two ways to e-mail me. One is to copy the line below and paste it into the "to" line of an e-mail and modify it as noted below:


THEN (and this is critical) replace *AT* with @ and replace *DOT* with a period (.)

Or, you can click on the image link below and make the same changes.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MAKING THE CHANGES IMMEDIATELY AFTER STARTING THE E-MAIL. If you wait until the end to change the e-mail address, you are likely to forget and the e-mail will get bounced back to you.

The links below are provided to take you back to the the area you came from, or for you to take the opportunity to explore another part of my web site. You can, of course, always hit the "back" button of your browser as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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