Academic Decathlon

Revised 15 May 2005

What is Academic Decathlon?

Briefly, AD is a high school competition for high school students of ALL ACADEMIC ABILITIES. Being a "nerd" or a "brainiac" is NOT required to compete in AD competitions. All that is needed is a desire to expand and learn about a wide variety of great subjects. Other pages about AD have more information on AD itself, so if you want more information, see the links listed below. I would include the official AD page, if I could find it. But since they don't seem to know what they are doing to make their page accessible to give people who need it what they need, I'm here.

Why do I have an AD section?

Well, I was on a team from 1989-1991, and now I help out my old AD teacher by talking to his classes on various subjects. This page serves as a resource on the subjects I work with his classes on. I will refer you to links to other pages for other aspects of AD competition.

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