My Falcon

by Knight Kuerenberg

A friend of mine in Germany translated a poem by Knight Kuerenberg entitled 'My Falcon' and sent it to me. You will find both the translation and the original German version of the poem here.

Added 4 July 2000

My Falcon

By Knight Kuerenberg, lower Austria, c.1150

I raised a handsome falcon,
Took more me than a year.
And when I finished training him
To turn him to my dear,
I wound around his plumage
Some shining golden lace.
He soared above the clouds
And flew to n'other place.

Thenceforth I saw the falcon
Flying nicely.
He wore on his foot
Silken jesses.
I saw his plumage shimmering
With reddish gold.
Lord, bring those together
Who want to meet in love!

English © by Guntram Deichsel, Biberach, Germany 2000

Not just for fun here is the original with bracketed literal transscription to English. My translation above contains some interpretation and my respect towards Kuerenberg makes me feel that I should document to which extent I distorted him.


Der von Kuerenberg

Ich zóch mir einen válken (I trained me a falcon)
Mére danne ein jár (more than a year)
Dó ich in gezámete (when I him had tamed)
Als ích in wollte hán (as I him wanted to have)
Und ích im sin gevídere (and I him his plumage)
Mit gólde wol bewánt (with gold well wound around)
Er huóp sich uf vil hóhe (he lifted himself up very highly)
Und flóg in anderiu lánt (and flew to someone else's land)

Sit sách ich den válken (from then on saw I the falcon)
Schóne flíegen (in a beautiful manner flying)
Er fuórte an sinem fuóze (he wore on his foot)
Sídine ríemen (silken jesses)
Und wás in sim gevídere (and was in his plumage)
Álrot gúldin (all red golden)
Gót sende si zesámmene (god send those together)
Die gérne gelip wellen sín. (who like to love each other)