A Piece of the Truth

by Brian Jones

Added 13 October 1997

Wind rushes by in a
forty five mile an hour pace
while I sit like some
rough shod Buddha
bouncing in the back
of a frantic 4X4 spewing dust.

The sun flashes through the trees.
Glittering morse code path to
If only I could ignore it
I would become One.

Hands draped over knees
touch the unyielding
surface of the truck bed,
warmed by the heart of the beast.

I seek to absorb
the disharmony of the road
and make it one with my Soul.

The bumps and curves seek to throw me
but passiveness holds me firm.

A piece of the Truth becomes me.

Written 3 July 1995

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358