Dead Run

by Brian Jones

Added 13 October 1997

Here I am, standing
in a cattle truck, bound for Hell.
The people are crying
and why they're here, is hard to tell.
On some, I see their sin,
but others look pure and clean.
But we're all, a cattle car in,
looking at the very same scene.
The landscape is grey
as is the very air.
Ahead there looms a mountain range,
Hell is over there.
That is where we all are going;
every Soul in here with me.
We never see who's driving,
only the dull grey scene.

I look at the faces.
These are the sinners
of all different races;
liars, thieves, and killers.

Some do not belong here,
but I do, because you see,
the reason I am here
is that I did not believe.
So here I am, one of the damned.
And though I led a good life and did my very best,
I did not please God's right-hand man.
Maybe I should've believed in Him; but who would've guessed?

Written 10/16/1991

(Based on the short story, "Dead Run", by Greg Bear.)

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358