What Do You Remember (from the War)?

(For Ali Ismaeel Abbas)

by Brian Jones

Added 23 June 2003

What do you remember from the war?
The rousing music
or the wailing mothers?
A flag proudly waving
or a cloth shrouding the dead?
The obscure green vision of a battle through goggles
or the blood red stains in a coffin to be used for more dead?
Do you remember the cost,
or do you remember, the PRICE.
The fresh-faced soldier victoriously waving his arms,
or the burned orphan boy who has none left to wave.

That is what I will remember.
To the point where a part of me
wishes I never saw it at all.

Look at him.
Look at the thousands like him.
And tell me again
about the "necessary evil" of war.

And tell me then:
Will you remember what you've been fed,
or what has been taken?

Written 14 April 2003

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358