My Damned Government

by Brian Jones

Added 23 June 2003

Leutenant Michaels has lupis.
Major Larkin has ALS.
The Iraqi people are exposed to nuclear waste.

The reason they all suffer is clear . . .
my damned government.
It goes much further than Iraq,
travels much wider.

Radiation experimentation on unsuspecting citizens.
Covert wars.
Imprisonment without due process.
Down to simply turning a blind eye to some atrocity.

At these times . . .
then it is less my government
and more my SHAME.
That is when Levin's words come to me
and I speak
and speak
and seek
to make it right.

Written 27, 28 March 2003, 8 April 2003

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358