What's Left of the Santa Cruz

by Brian Jones

Added 23 June 2003

There isn't much left of the Santa Cruz.
The only flows it sees most days
are windblown trash and joggers
high up on the concrete embankments
that contain the occasional flood stage flow;
run-off from miles of pavement.
The floods bring the trash.
The trash blows about or sinks in the sand
until the next flood when this trash becomes that trash
and that trash becomes this trash.
A slow but never ending river of refuse.

Folks used to irrigate with the Santa Cruz,
used to fear it's floods.
Now nobody knows the Santa Cruz
for it isn't even a river anymore.

What's left of the Santa Cruz
is a gently sloping snake of sand and trash
in a world fit only for Man.

Written 28 March 2001

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358