Water World

by Brian Jones

Added 12 October 1997

Concentric eccentric spheres
exit the shallows
where minnows are forced
to surface in order to pass between seas.
Fish prints spread out
before and around them
distorted by their makers.
Their destination,
the calming deeps,
have already been reached.

The skippers though,
fight the surface current
which increases there where
the fetch allows.
Some though, weigh anchor
on algae and absolve themselves
of the eternal struggle
for position.

Only a single curled leaf
deftly plies the currents
of water and air,
using it's makeshift jib
to bolt blindly where
the wind so desires to take it.

The small fish leap and play,
testing the rarified air,
a contest of strength,
the control of fear.
Keep the head above water
for as long as possible.
Green locks of hair
ripple and dance
where the watercourse
meets the sea.
And above, the shimmering
of the waves is reflected
upon an overhanging stick.

This current pushes a leaf,
tattered, discarded, and perfect,
slowly downstream with its
load of a single drop of water.
I just made love to Beauty;
made love to a woman
whose body I've never felt,
the fantasy finally completed.

I watch as a seed of myself
goes floating away.

Written 24 September 1995,

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358