Ramona's Mexican Restaurant

by Brian Jones

Added 12 October 1997

Two drinks drunk before my arrival,
seeking the path to ignorance.
Dinner is consumed by the story,
told haltingly as the desired state
is achieved and takes its toll.
The ten minute tale jumps erratically
into hours as nearby chairs rise
to rest their weary legs.

Later at the hotel, I feel like an outsider
even in the presence of my best friend.
Only pieces of the conversation
reach my mind as I struggle for focus.
Rejection at last overwhelms
and I leave in search of clarity,
which comes only in the absence
of talk on fiances and lovers,
out of sight of a back rub given,
another's pleasure, and a drunken friend.

Written 10 March 1996

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358