A poem about modern life, with an addendum


Flipping through the paper
one page catches my eye.
On the top a 1-900 number;
one-fifty per minute.
Below are adds for people:
Male Seeking Female
Female Seeking Male
Male Seeking Male
Female Seeking Female
Activity Partners

Desperate pleas for Love.
Two-tone beacons
for constant companions.
Slender, attractive, educated
folks looking for All
in black and white.

fire-fighters, architects,
professors, Ivy-leaguers

Successful in Life,
not in Love.

In this Melting Pot
of pain and longing,
this, the ultimate search,
takes strange paths.

So far,
so far;
my own beacon
has been just as
successful as I.

As of 14 October 1996, I have never actually posted a personal, but here's what it would look like if I ever do......

I have removed my personal because I am currently engaged, and will be married on 28 July 2001. Ironically enough, I met my life partner through some phone personals.

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