Leaves from Edgar to Heather

by Brian Jones

Added 6 July 2000

The leaves that lay upon the ground
threaten to fly, to run to The Raven's final home.
What keeps them bound to earth
is not their earthly weight but Poe's gentle tug.

He wants them there for me to take
and transfer to a friend's possession
so that in her first editions she might place
something he touched and kept for her.

Twenty three leaves, (I believe that's the number)
and perhaps a few for me.
Bound in books they'll always be,
but will fly forever more.

Bending down to choose the leaves,
two ravens find the churchyard.
I imagine one to be He, the other She,
guiding my selection.

Now that they've met
perhaps the leaves aren't needed.
But I pick them anyway
now for my sake as much as any other.

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358