Between Doubt and Faith

by Brian Jones

Added 6 July 2000

Inspired by "The Sorrowing Soul Between Doubt and Faith" (1899) by Elihu Vedder (1863-1923) at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

The girl is darker than Faith
and even darker than Doubt.
Thoughts cloud all decision
and shade the face
to unsurpassed beauty.
In it are a hundred loves
never surrendered
and countless lusts fulfilled.
Hers is the face that is a goal,
something real to touch.

Faith for her part tempts the eye
with bounding wings and brilliant air
while Doubt ever looks on with a
weathered face and grandiose beard,
but the girl has The Answer
bound with her Questions.

Without breaking free
she will still become greater.

U.S. Copyright # Txu 728-358