The Poetry of Ted Hughes

Revised 7 October 2006

I can't say enough about the superb qualities of Ted Hughes' poetry, so instead of trying, I will allow you to discover those qualities yourself. Most of these poems are from 'Crow'. Enjoy!

Crow Blacker Than Ever - This is the poem that first got me interested in Ted Hughes

Crow Goes Hunting - A poem about the power of words

Crow's Theology - Who is the victim?

Apple Tragedy - A profound poem about religion

Crow Communes - Hmmmm.......

Crow's Fall - It's all in how you look at it

Crow Sickened - There are things we simply cannot fathom

Hawk Roosting - A hawk philosophizes

Us He Devours - From Wolfwatching. A poem about hunger. Added 7 October 2006

Wolfwatching - From Wolfwatching. Life . . . . and death. Added 7 October 2006