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Revised 21 December 2016

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General Medieval Links

The Medieval Diet - Medieval foods and recipes. Thanks to Michelle Greens 6th grade class! Added 20 February 2013

Medieval Weddings - Historical information about Medieval weddings. Added 18 July 2012

Medieval Warfare - aspects of warfare and arms in Medieval Europe. Illustrated techniques and practices in castle sieges, battle, mêlées and jousts, cross referenced to battlefields, castles and original source documents. Includes information on armour, weaponry and siege engines.

Medieval Combat Society - A Medieval re-enactment society in the UK. Added 24 October 2005

Skriptorium - This is an excellent web site for Medieval manuscripts, books and text reproductions and facsimiles. Added 15 May 2005

Citadelle - This web site is in French, so I don't understand a word of it (Yes, I'm an ignorant American), but it came recommended as a good source for information on the Medieval Period, if you understand French. Added 15 May 2005

Plymouth State College Medieval Society They have an excellent links page.

The Society for Creative Anachronism What can I say? If you're interested in the Medieval Period, and you don't know about the SCA, you should! Great source of information!

Stefan's Florilegium This is a collection of files that Stefan assembled from various sources within the SCA. The information in these files comes from the Rialto newsgroup (, the old fidonet medieval echo conferance area, various mail lists and articles submitted by their authors. It is not the easiest site to gleen information from, but the information it contains is extensive.

Archery and Crossbow Related Links

The Crossbowman's Den Please visit this page. It belongs to the late Robin Allen, a WONDERFUL and exceptionally tallented maker of crossbows. Robin graciously hosted me in his home for a couple of weeks and helped me get most of the way towards making my first Medieval replica crossbow. Sadly, this funny, kind, and giving man is no longer with us, but his website remains.

Medieval Crossbow An excellent resource on Medieval crossbows and how to make one.

My Armoury discussion thread about Medieval crossbows There's some good discussion here about Medieval crossbows.

Primitive Archer - This site has items for sale as well as forums that are helpful for would-be bowyers.

Jack Mountain Bushcraft and Guide Service - Jack Mountain, based in New Hampshire, offers a bow making class.

Digitarc These folks sell archery accessories. Added 14 May 2005

Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw Whether he existed or not, Robin Hood is arguable the most famous archer in the world. This site is dedicated to the legend. Added 15 May 2005

Information about a chinese crossbow mechanism Added 14 May 2005

Ausbow -- These Aussie folks sell not only crossbows and longbows, but they sell plans and a kit for a Medieval style crossbow. I know someone who bought the crossbow plans (for $25 Austrailian I believe) and thought they were excellent.

Vendors of Medieval Goods

Digitarc These folks sell archery accessories. Added 14 May 2005

The White Dragon Armoury The White Dragon Armoury is based in the U.K. and makes Medieval weapons and shields for Re-enacters worldwide. - Replica weapon and armour store.

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