Armour links

Revised 2 June 2006

Here are some armour links that I have compiled. I will add links as I find them.

LLoydian Aspects - Here is a page with some information about mail, as well as hoplite armour. If you go to his home page, you will find that LLoyd has a wide variety of interests.

Arador Armour Library This is an excellent resource for armoury

Arador Armour Discussion Group Another excellent resource for armoury.

Knight's Armoury This is an excellent resource for medieval weapons and armour.

'Chain' Mail Production Techniques as taught by Duke Manfred Kreigstriber - while certainly not the best designed page I have seen, it does have some useful info. If only those darn figures were better made . . . Worth a look see if you want to know how to lengthen or shorten a row.

Sara's Chain Mail Armour Links Page - I hate to have a link to a links page, but it is a good resource

Chainmaile Construction - I don't know who does this page, but there are a couple of good tips interspersed throughout it. It is a bit sparse, but he seems to work on adding stuff periodically, so it might be worth your time to check it out.

And come back later for more links!!!
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