'The Book' from
Parables from Other Planets
by Hugh and Gayle Prather

Added 19 April 1997

There was born, on the vast and verdant moon of Unah, a child who came from his mother's womb holding a small book in his arms. Whenever anyone would attempt to remove the book, the infant would cry so loudly that the pain of the sound would force even the deaf to desist. The child grew up to become the great prophet Sirna, and the book became the holy scripture of the land.

One day two of Sirna's students approached the master and said, "There is much in The Book over which we contend, and after many months of discussion we are unable to resolve our differences. Would you, Master, hear our dispute and give us the answers we need?"

Sirna looked up and said, "Do you see the goat on the hill before us? Go and give the goat The Book and he will answer the dispute."

The students were appalled. "But, Master," they said, "if we give The Book to the goat, he will eat it." Sirna answered, "It is better that The Book make a goat happy than come between any two people."

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