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Tales From Neither Here Nor There

a collection of lore

Revised 19 April 1997

Good time to be indoors eh? Well come on in and sit a spell. Let me tell you a few tales that I have learned over the years. And each one is true too! Come on, sit, sit! Sit and together we can spin a few yarns, and weave the tapestry.

Would you like me to tell you about The story of Liulf, the Firewolf, and of my home town? Or perhaps you would prefer that I tell you the story of the wayward crew of the Middleship WolfSoul (as I call it).

NEW! - The Tale of the Cimmaron of Panama. Antonio Len-Rios (lenrios@sinfo.net) was kind enough to write this story for presentation here. It is a fantastic story.

NEW! - Folktales from the book 'Parables from Other Planets' by Hugh and Gayle Prather. (ISBN: 0-553-07251-X)

So take your pick, get comfortable, then away we'll go . . .