Impromptu Speech

Revised 24 October 1996

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--How has modern society been effected by the suffragist movement?
--Should the internet be regulated by a government entity?
--Does the neo-Aristotelian governance theory apply to the current trend towards a global economy?

STEP ONE: Choosing the topic

My first decision is easy. Don't even think about the third topic! I don't know anything about the neo-Aristotelian governance theory (there is no such thing by the way, I just needed a difficult sounding topic). That leaves me with one and two. Both would be easy for me. Here, chance will take me towards the suffragist question. I have thought of an odd twist on the question. My speech on the internet would be a standard dissertation on the subject (no matter which position I argue). My twist on the suffragist question will set my speech apart from others. Also, since the internet question would be easier for most people, it is likely that more people would give their speech on that topic. Giving yet another speech on the internet will certainly not peak the interest of the judges. Of course, you might think of a new and interesting twist on the internet question. If so, by all means use it! If you can say something TRULY original on a subject that the judges may have heard too much about already, you will score brownie points.

Ok, so now I have a topic.

STEP TWO: Brainstorming

Note: Please keep in mind that I would normally abbreviate more when brainstorming in order to save time, but I am lengthening my responses to limit general confusion.

Uh oh. I've stalled out on the brainstorm. At this point, it isn't worth it to agonize of the problem though. I should have enough material for such a short speech, especially if I give the speech correctly and I don't talk too fast. So now it's time to organize.

STEP THREE: Structure