Impromptu Speech

Revised 24 October 1996

Before I begin with the speech, I should state that I was unable to follow one of my own pieces of advice. I didn't have any means of recording my speech. As a result, I had to give my speech, then try to write it out as I said it afterwards. I have tried to remain as true to my actual words as possible, but perfect reproduction is, of course, impossible. I will insert notes within the text of the speech. These notes will be in RED. I would recommend ignoring the notes on the first reading of the speech, then returning to the notes after the speech has been read. So, without further adieu . . .

The Impromptu Speech

The suffragist movement has had a major impact on modern society, at least in the United States. The most obvious impact is, of course, the Susan B. Anthony dollar. (pause for hoped for chuckle)

Though the suffragist movement continues to be a great thing, (Ack! I used the word 'thing'. Mistake number one.) a less obvious impact is an underlying turmoil that has touched every segment of modern society in America. This turmoil really began in World War II with Rosey the Rivetter. Rosey the Rivetter was of course, a fictional character designed to inspire women to join the industrial workforce while the men were off fighting the war.

Many women enjoyed this new found freedom and feeling of purpose, and didn't want to give up their jobs to the returning servicemen at the end of the war. Because of this new independence, women came to expect more out of life and out of relationships. Women were no longer satisfied with the old system, and rightly so!

But men had become accustomed to being in control of women, and many men did not want to relinquish that control. Men and women began to fight over control of women. It was a rather quiet war at first fought in the privacy of homes, but as women began wining battles, the war moved out into the street and became very loud indeed. Thus was the birth of the current so-called "divorce rate crisis."

(not the best of transitions here)
In recent years, political leaders have used higher divorce rate figures as proof of waning 'family values'. Although so-called 'family values' certainly factor in to divorce rates, the issue is much deeper, and much more simple. Marriages falter when subjected to intense battles for control.
(bad transition here as well)

At this point, there seems to be no end in sight of high divorce rates. Women have done almost all that they can to promote equality. It is now up to men to accept women more openly and equally. When this happens, divorce rates are sure to drop, because at that point, there will be true understanding

If Rosey were around today, she would likely be very proud of how far the suffragist movement has brought women. Equally, she would feel great distress at the great rift it is currently causing between women and men. One can only hope that Rosey will never regret the movement she was so instrumental in escalating.

That was by no means, a perfect speech. I could have worded many statements better. I could have made better transitions between thoughts. And although I didn't add them into the speech (because I couldn't remember where they were exactly), I did catch myself saying 'uh' a few times. This will hopefully give you an idea of where to begin when constructing an impromptu speech though.

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