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Added 1 February 2004

Fountains from Wolveswood Exchange

There is something about fountains. Primal, soothing, beautiful. They can also be somewhat difficult to construct well, as I found out when I set out to make the first one for my in-laws. But I found it to be a rewarding job. I don't have any made for sale right now, but below is a sample of what I've done. Picture of fountain.The base of the fountain pictured here is a handmade wooden bowl from Afghanistan and has a lot of character. Picture of fountain.The stones in the base are all natural stones, some purchased (the polished stones) and some collected by my wife and I on our various rockhounding trips. The pillars are made from cholla "wood". The upper and middle basin are made from fossilized coral from Florida. I have two more pieces of fossilized coral like those two to make another fountain out of.

Thanks for looking!

Uleric ap Brienus
(Brian Jones)

Poet - Armourer - Tanner - Tailor - Storyteller - Glyph Artist - Fountain Maker

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