Wolf Links

Revised 3 May 2008

Here are some assorted links that I have collected. Most of then are sources of information, rather than sources of pictures of wolves. I chose to do so because pictures are easy to find, good information is not. The following sites have very little 'fluff'. I did just (5/15/05) add one site that is not informational . . . It's a site that sells organic cotton, environmentally friendly wolf T-shirts. I thought it well worth posting here.

Pictures and facts about the Gray wolf - From The Web Site of Everything Added 2 February 2008

Wolves Killing People - From the Wolf Trust. A multi-part look into wolf attacks. Added 8 October 2006

Wolf Attack! - Despite the bold headline, this is a very good accounting of wolf attacks around the world. The long and short of it is that wolves do attack, and sometimes kill, humans, but it puts the attacks into some perspective. Added 8 October 2006

THE ECOLOGY OF FEAR: WOLVES GONE, WESTERN ECOSYSTEMS SUFFER - An excellent article from Oregon State University about the importance of wolves to ecosystems. Added 8 October 2006

Mission: Wolf - Mission: Wolf is a wolf sanctuary in Colorado. I haven't been there myself, but it appears to be a great place doing great things. Added 8 October 2006

Wolf Critics Don't Get It - This is an article by a Montana hunter I found in the High Country News. This link has died and I can't find it anywhere on-line. Since I don't have permission to copy it, I hesitate to put it up on my site, but I have the article saved on my hard drive, so let me know and I'll get a copy to you. (Or you can contact High Country News) Added 15 May 2005

Wolves Of The World - A great page with information about the different wolves around the world.

Defenders of Wildlife - Press release about the release of all of the Yellowstone wolves

Wonders of the Wolf - brought to you by Wolf People, this is a great information source for kids.

The Wolf's Den - Department of Interior final rules regarding reintroduced wolves.

The Wolf's Den - Final Environmental Impact Statement abstract.

Wild Animal Information - Not exactly about wolves or wolf re-introduction, but there is some good information here.

Wolf Shirts - This site sells organic cotton, environmentally friendly wolf T-shirts. Go organic! Added 15 May 2005