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Added 2 April 2001, Revised 19 October 2004

I've decided to make a page dedicated to the exploits of my truck (with me at the wheel) in the beautiful state of Arizona. My friends and I have traveled to some fantastic places on all sorts of trails, from technical, to easy. What they all have in common is great experiences in wonderful places.

THE DISCLAIMER: With the exception of stock ponds, and the occasional necessity of turning around, I *ALWAYS* drive on established roads and trails. Doing otherwise is not only bad karma, but it leads to ill-will towards four-wheelers/four-wheeling and makes people want to close vehicles out of the beautiful environs that we all enjoy. Please be respectful of private property (don't trespass!) and public lands, as other people want to enjoy them too. Also leave gates as you find them (closed if closed, and open if open.) If a road has a big mud hole in the middle of it, do NOT go around it, as it only makes the road wider, eventually making the mud hole wider. This cycle of foolishness can get out of control. If you can't make it through the puddle, you shouldn't be there. Turn around and find someplace else to explore. TREAD LIGHTLY! For more information on responsible wheeling, go HERE or HERE Ziggy at says it best, "Use your 4-wheel drive to enjoy the environment, don't use the environment to enjoy your 4-wheel drive!"

If you're in the Tucson area (or anywhere in Arizona), drop me a line and we can go wheelin' sometime.

Speaking of which, if you own a Highrider/ZR2/BlaZeR2, or want to find out more about the best little 4X4's around, check out these great sites: and

There is also a ZR2 discussion group, which is very fun for talking about our special trucks and in getting ideas, help, and useful information. I have learned a great deal from the list. You can join by sending an e-mail to with the word "SUBSCRIBE" (without the quotes) in the subject line.


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