On Searching for Answers

by Brian Jones

Added 22 November 1999

3 January 1999

There are a few constants in this world. Most of them are subject to change. One constant that actually is: an answer today is a question tomorrow. Unfortunately, the inverse is most certainly not true. And yet, neither axiom prevents people from pursuing both . . . all the way to the therapist's office.

The world loves a challenge. Reveal to the world a 'Universal' and a line will form at your chopping block. Such is the way with answers. No matter how many times a person repeats that there are no easy answers, or that Absolute Answers are impossible to find, that same person finds it impossible to keep from searching for those answers.

Although it is somewhat romantic to be an answer martyr, it is ultimately a negative goal. Taking a trip to a black hole, even if successful, only leads one to a very lonely and dark death.

How much better then, to travel a route that not only leads to a great end, but does something few other goals can lay claim to . . . a route on which it doesn't matter where or when the journey ends (for untimely demises are known to occur), because where ever you are IS the great end. Whether it be today in Tucson, Friday in Philedelphia, or a hundred Wednesdays hence in Walla Walla.

Such is the search, not for vexing answers, but for Beauty. Answers can be wrong, but Beauty cannot, and Beauty is everywhere. So indeed, if Beauty is everywhere what point is there in searching for it? Answer: because Beauty often hides itself behind a mask of putrescence. Beauty ignored shrinks itself down until it is barely visible. It is in looking at the end of a broken blade of grass and realizing that all of those fibers point towards you.

It is hidden in grand gestures of the wind never stopping at you, but always moving on. A child's gravestone sinking in to the earth as the lost one pulls it's way out of the earth. A weed defying concrete. The diseased who go on living or go out trying. Ravens playing on the wind.

Look for these, and you will have all the answers you need, for you will have found joy.

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