Fish Creek Backpacking Trip 2005: Day 2

Added 14 August 2005

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A very grumpy Black-tailed Rattlesnake (Crotalus molossus). The fish dam on Fish Creek to stop non-native fish from invading the creek. On Saturday morning, we got up fairly early, but everyone just milled around camp for a good chunk of the morning, so it was after ten o'clock by the time we put our daypacks on and continued down Fish Creek to the Black River. Along the way we encountered an extremely grumpy Black-tailed Rattlesnake (Crotalus molossus). We also saw the fish dam that is supposed to keep the non-native fish from the Black River from getting up into Fish Creek.

We made it down to the Black River sometime after noon, filtered some water, splashed around a bit in the cool waters of the Black River, ate lunch together, then we spent the remainder of our couple of hours there in private pursuits.

Fish Creek. Chuck and I filter water, wowing the crowd of enthralled spectators.  Even CJ the dog stopped to watch. The Black River looking downstream of the Fish Creek confluence.

The group mills around the Black River while Brian and Chuck filter water. The Black River, looking upstream from the Fish Creek confluence. Kyle and I after a minor water fight.

Brad and Lori soak up the cool waters of the Black River. CJ trying to figure out how to get off of the rock in the river. Shan grabbed this picture of us making our way upstream.

Brad and Lori found a swimming hole (assuming 2 feet deep qualifies as a "hole"), Chuck, Jeff, Brian, Kyle and Shan took naps. Lazy bums!!

Kyle 'Sweet Dreams' Sweet and Brian 'Been Dozin' DeArmon sleeping under a tree near the Black River. Jeff 'Where's the Hotel?' Hansen sleeps under a tree near the Black River. Chuck 'Catnap' Hathcock sleeps under a tree near the Black River.

A beautiful dragonfly.As for me, I found a nice quiet place in the river to simply watch the river flow and write a poem. I also enjoyed watching a beautiful dragonfly zip around the creek. There is something about dragonflies that has always fascinated me.

Fish Creek.Even though I wanted to stay longer, at around two o'clock I figured I'd better head back to the confluence and figure out what everyon was up to. I arrived just as everyone was getting ready to write me a note to say they were heading back to camp. I decided to go ahead and head back up with everyone. For the most part, I took my time, lagged behind, and simply enjoyed the beauty of Fish Creek from the other direction.

A common, but never tedious site along Fish Creek. Fish Creek. The tranquil waters of Fish Creek.

Jeff, Lori, Shannon and I by the campfire Saturday night.Once again we relaxed by the fire, and most everyone retired to bed pretty early. This time, Shan was able to sleep like a log but I just couldn't fall asleep. So at around midnight I got up and wandered around a bit before pulling up a rock near the dead fire pit to simply sit and take in the night. The stars were amazing and it was nice to enjoy some quiet moments under their watchful gaze.

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