Amphibious Cows

Information about cattle on public lands

Revised 7 January 1997

That's right, I propose a reclassification of bovine species. Cows are not merely land animals. They are aquatic too!!

I have conducted studies on many wetlands in northern Arizona, and have seen them before cattle were allowed into the area, and after cattle were allowed into the area. Since it is easier for me to be emotionally removed by using lists, I will merely list out what I have actually seen with respect to cows and wetlands.

What the post-cow scenario equates to is habitat loss for a wide variety of waterfowl. Although it should be noted that the before/after scenario listed here pertains primarily to fairly small shallow wetlands, it is equally important to note that these same small wetlands contribute the majority of habitat for waterfowl. Some species rely totally on such small wetlands. The mallard duck is an example of a species that will only nest on smaller wetlands (though it may feed on larger wetlands).

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