Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry - June

By the Limbourg Brothers

Revised 5 December 1996

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[June] The Limbourg Brothers chose the traditional scene of hay making for the month of June. One can only imagine that it must have been quite warm considering the dress of the field workers. The painting is wonderful for it's minute detail. Look closely and you can see people walking up the staircase on the far left, and up the staircase just up and to the right of the waterfront staircase. (The later of which is very difficult to see in the scanned image.) Keep in mind that the painting only measures 14 centimeters by 22 centimeters (5.5X8.5 inches) including the half-circular calendar on top. As in May, the building in the background is the Palais de la Cite.

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