Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry - February

By the Limbourg Brothers

Revised 5 December 1996

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[February] February depicts traditional winter activities for those who don't have all of the luxuries of life. The man in blue to the middle right of the image is chopping firewood, and the figure with the donkey in the center of the image appears to be hauling wood.

It would seem that the woman in blue in the lower left of the image is a person of much higher status than the two who join her by the fire. She is probably just using the farmhouse for shelter, and is rather embarrassed by the way her hosts have their legs spread before the fire. Notice how she keeps her dress down to a more respectable level.

Another item that is typical of winter is the keeping of the flock or herd in some sort of pen or shelter for the winter.

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