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Hieronymous Bosch

Revised 30 December 1999

Hieronymous Bosch was born Jerome van Aken in Hertogenbosch, Holland sometime in the 15 th century. Hertogenbosch was a small but prosperous community. Bosch was born into a family of painters, and he changed his name when he became a painter in his own right. He may have done this to avoid being confused with other members of his family. Hieronymous is the latinized version of Jerome, and he chose Bosch as his last name because of the town in which he lived. The later was fairly common practice in situations such as Bosch's.

What may be most striking about much of Bosch's work is the wild surrealism and highly distorted figures. I have not seen any other paintings from his time period that match his style. His vision was a truly unique one. Apparently some of his contemporaries thought he derived his images from knowledge of witchcraft, and other devious means. How he survived (and prospered!) with such an epithet during that period in history is almost amazing.

With that very brief biography aside, here is a small sampling of the artwork of Bosch, and what I know about them. (I am not an art expert, but I have picked up a fair amount of information about the works presented here through books, research, etc.)


Bosch ftp site - This ftp site has a number of works by Bosch that are available to download.