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Paul Santa Cruz - Class of 1991

Added 1 December 1997

In the annals of South Mountain Academic Decathlon history, there is one man, one name that carries special meaning in the hearts of his teammates. I am that man. For, you see, in the regional competition of 1991, I, Paul Santa Cruz (Class of 91) Scored a perfect 5 out of 5 on the SuperQuiz and helped boost the team into second place overall for the round, resulting in the first ever SuperQuiz trophy for South Mountain. However, my favorite claim to fame is that both years, at the regionals, I scored some babes' phone numbers each time! Rrrrrrrrrr.... It was fun, and exciting. I liked it so much, I went to Arizona State University after graduation, where I got my 4 year degree in five years (whoo yeah whoo yeah), and lo and behold, I became a teacher myself, like my friend, idol, and mentor Mr. Decker (in that order).

I teach English to Freshmen and Sophomores, as well as Journalism, at Marcos de Niza High School, in sunny Tempe, AZ. I am also married. As an English teacher, I'd just like to give props to my boyz; Ad-Rock for goin' on the road trips with me and taking the picture of Marlee when I was eatin' the cheeseburger at State, Brian "Snoop Dogg" for putting this page up and giving us rides in the Datsun (it STILL works????), and Cecil.... where are you Cecil? Word to the class of 1991.

(Hey, I listen to my students. I'm down with the rhymes!)

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