Academic Decathlon Alumnus

Louis Freeman - Class of 1999

Added 5 April 2000

When faced with the task of trying to encapsulate my experience in Academic Decathlon I find myself thinking of the word "power". There is more to it than just those five letters. Decathlon was a venue to powers I would have other wise never had the chance to know. The power of a group of people that probably otherwise would not have met, get together and procrastinate together. Realizing the power within you to study and conquer incredible amounts of information. Knowing the powerful feeling of your horizons being broadened as you read from page to page. The power felt when raising a small plush toy in victory during the grand combat we call Super Quiz! The powerful bonds and friendships created and the beautiful memories that follow. It was an remarkable experience, and I would suggest it to anyone who wants a little more out of life. As for my experience in college (I do not have many being that I am a freshmen) I can only give you these basic truths I as I know them.

1. Funny thing about these professor types. . .they tell you everything that you are going to do right from the begining. Rather than kick back and enjoy the first week or so of review in your courses, whip through them and start on the hard stuff.

2. Study groups are GREAT, but only if they want to work as hard as you. If you leave a group and you have not learned anything new, time to find a new group.

Well that's enough rambling for today, have a good one.

Louis M. Freeman
Class of '99

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