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Brian Jones - Class of 1991

Added 1 December 1997

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So, you have some inexplicable desire to learn about me huh? Well, it's your time to waste . . . . .

I attended South Mountain H.S. from 1989-1991, after transferring from North H.S. my junior year to join the SMHS Aerospace Program. The 1989-90 school year was the first year of the Aerospace Program, and I was the first and only junior to get a pilot's licence that year.

I was in Academic Decathlon my senior year. My AcaDec claims to fame are playing tennis at the hotel until 3 o'clock in the morning on the night before the State AD competition then relaxing in the jacuzzi until 4 o'clock in the morning with most of the rest of the team. What can I say, we really knew how to prepare for intellectual battle! Despite what Todd says, the 1990-91 AcaDec team was, and continues to be, the very best!

After graduating from SMHS, I attended Northern Arizona University. I graduated, cum laude, with a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, Applied Geology in May 1995. While in college, I gained experience in the field of environmental science through volunteer work during the school year, and by getting jobs working on various thesis research projects in the summer. I worked on a high altitudes wetlands project, and a Northern Goshawk project.

After I got my degree, I continued working in field biology. I worked on a couple of Mexican Spotted Owl projects, as well as another Northern Goshawk project. After my last MSO project, I decided I wanted to move back to the desert, and to strike out in the world of private environmental consulting. So I moved to Tucson, and started pounding the pavement looking for a good job.

My search for a good job soon became a desperate search for any job, and I ended up working two atrocious jobs to make ends meet. Finally, after eight months in Tucson, I got a job with a small consulting firm, where I actually get to use my geology degree from time to time. My tasks include groundwater/surfacewater sampling, hydrology, and mine reclamation (not to mention ductwork, storage management, and photocopier repair). Like I said, it's a small company, so I do just about everything. Most of my initial work wass at the various copper mines in southern Arizona. I am heavily involved in a couple of efforts to revegetate mine tailings, which are often quite hazardous to plant life, and are thus difficult to revegetate. Currently, I am working largely on groundwater recharge projects.

My interests are wide and varied, and can best be expressed by my web site. You can visit 'The Beckoning' at:

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I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about college, life, work, or whatever catches your fancy.

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