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Adam Baumann - Class of 1991

Added 2 December 1997

Short Biography of Adam J. Baumann (Abridged edition to conserve server space).

Hello, my name is Adam Baumann, and I am an ex Academic Decathlon member. I participated in AD from 1989-1991. My favorite events were the long jump and the extreme clog dancing competition (but seriously folks...).

After graduation, I continued my education at Northern Arizona University (contrary to what Paul may say, the best of the three state universities), where I earned a BSBA in Computer Information Systems. While attending NAU, I met my lovely wife Francie to whom I've now been married for over 4 1/2 years.

Francie and I now live in beautiful Surprise, Arizona. I currently work for the State of Arizona Department of Economic Security as a Programmer/Analyst. In closing, remember this: Join Academic Decathlon and become a computer geek like me!!!

For even more information on me or the company that my best friend Paul and I created, visit out web page!

Don't take it too seriously, we don't!!!

Go ahead and e-mail , I DARE YOU!
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